Build the right program for your community

Build the right program for your community

Spiro100 is reimagining senior fitness and wellness programming for you

we're here to help

Let us lead the class so you can be more hands-on involved

always available

Our easy-to-use library is always available — so you’ll never have a cancelled class!

learn from the experts

Or if you prefer, turn the room around and use us as your guide to lead new offerings.

pace adjustments
If you find a class moves too fast or slow, you can easily adjust the speed to fit the needs of your residents.
closed captioning
If some residents are hard of hearing, our closed captioning will help them get the most of our classes.
A quick phone call ensures your community gets started with the perfect programs for your residents.
variety for every level of care
With seated, supported, standing and dementia care classes, you have the right content for every resident.

You’ll find a Spiro100 package that is right for your community: SpiroPro, SpiroPlus, or SpiroGo

most popular


With over 140 original, expertly designed on-demand fitness & meditation classes, SpiroPro offers your community an unparalleled variety that is guaranteed to excite every resident. Best of all, you can use your SpiroPro account in every level of care (IL, AL, and dementia care) at the same time. With new programming added monthly, even your most insatiable residents will always have new classes to enjoy.

Key Features:

→ 140+ Classes On-Demand

→ Exercise Bingo100

→ Onboarding

→ In room access (optional)

→ Educational Workshops

fall prevention focus


Is your community ready to take on falls? If you are in need of a more structured program, SpiroPlus is for your community. Our Fall Prevention Academy has shown to reduce falls by as much as 30% in the first 90 days. It includes 9 classes from the creator of Fallproof™ and was developed by our own FallProof™ certified Master Instructor. Because this is a structured, ROI driven program, you will be fully trained on assessing resident fall risk to make sure your community is experiencing the desired results.

Key Features:

→ Everything in SpiroPro, plus

→ Fall Prevention Academy

→ Fall Risk Assessment Training

→ 60-minute one-on-one Fall Prevention Academy Training

→ In room access (optional)

→ Educational Workshops

small community plan


If you operate a smaller community, or simply don’t have the budget for our more popular programs, SpiroGo is a great way to start providing residents with the fitness and exercise classes they need so badly. This subset of our classes gives your residents a taste of classes for every level of care. With 18 classes total, you will still be able to provide a variety of seated, supported, standing, dementia care, and meditation classes.
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access anywhere

In-room availability

Bringing Spiro100 fitness into the room is increasingly important and available to those with their own devices.

For an additional fee, you can provide your residents and prospects access to Spiro100 in their own room.

Also you can find various Spiro100 in-room programming through many wonderful providers:

flexible programming

Calendar ideas

Click on the example calendars for a closer look at how robust your communities’ programming can be… without adding extra cost! Additional live and on demand classes are made available through our Educational Workshops Series to further enhance your wellness programming and encourage resident’s participation and enjoyment.
dementia care
assisted living
independent living

Fall Prevention

Keeping butts in the seats, not on the floor, is our aim! Fall Prevention Academy is a prescriptive series of exercises shown to reduce falls by 25% in the first 90 days.

Educational Workshops

Drive participation while helping residents cope with their most salient health issues.