about spiro100

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for older adults and their caregivers by offering state of the art programming and changing cultural beliefs around aging. We partner with the world’s leading experts to curate programs that address the greatest needs in senior wellbeing, from dementia to falls.


Beth Amine
Lawrence Biscontini
Peggy Buchanan
David Dworkin
Dara Gorgas
Sue Grant
Laura Mancuso
Roberto Melani
Aubry Merkel
Stacy McCarthy
Gloria Peyrat
Shannon Ratigan
Dr. Debra Rose
Maryann Youssef

How we started

Spiro100 started with Jane Fonda. While attending the IDEA Fitness Convention in San Diego in 2012 the founders were fortuitously in attendance for Jane Fonda’s Keynote/Acceptance speech. The conference awarded her with their Lifetime Achievement Award.

From janefonda.com, “In my speech, I made a plea for trainers to learn how to train older people. In my PRIME TIME fitness DVD’s which I began releasing in 2010 I geared the workouts to older people, and learned that you can’t just do the same moves but lighter. We often need different moves entirely.”

This information planted the seed for what would eventually become Spiro100 although we had no idea at the time. Here was Jane Fonda, the poster girl of fitness for decades, saying there was no programming and a massive opportunity for anyone able to train seniors with exercises tailored to (vs modified for) the aging body. As time passed, this message remained and would eventually serve as a catalyst for Spiro100’s launch four years later.


alex rochestie headshot
Alex Rochestie
Co-Founder, President of Programming
Spiro100’s Senior Producer and President of Programming, Alex’s knowledge and expertise in streaming media and web-based broadcasting stems from over 15+ years of experience working with cutting edge production technology and highlighted by an Emmy Nomination for his work at Current TV.
Mark Scher
Co-Founder, CEO

A USC Marshall School of Business graduate with a background in financial and statistical analysis, Mark heads up Operations, Sales, Product Development, and Finances. Mark lives in Los Angeles with his wife Julie and two young children Benjamin (3) and Isabella (1). He enjoys spending time with family, exercising, and everything related to sports. Mark is inspired by his three living grandparents who continue their active lifestyles well into their late 80’s and 90’s. His grandfather who is no longer with us passed away after a fall, making fall prevention not just an academic issue, but personal.

Howard Rochestie headshot
Howard Rochestie
Co-Founder, Chief of Strategy

Educated at the Wharton Business School, National Law Center at George Washington University and Harvard Law School where he received his Master’s in teaching and taught part-time. After practicing law, he founded the largest investment firm in the country for doctors and dentists, Mercer Advisors, where he was Chairman and CEO. During that time, he delivered over 500 lectures on leadership, investments and retirement strategies. Mercer sold for $120M. He also co-founded a digital advertising company specializing in programmatic native advertising.

His passion is enabling people to actualize their potential and change cultural beliefs around aging. At the age of 72 he likes to live what he teaches and stays active in physical fitness, golf, pickle ball and traveling to be with his two grandchildren.

Matt Bricker
Co-Founder, CTO
Stanford graduate with degrees in Philosophy and Symbolic Systems. Founding CTO of Rightsline, a leading SaaS suite for the Media and Entertainment space. Charter member of Stanford Angels and Entrepreneurs of SoCal. Matt is responsible for the technology platform, partner integrations, and contributing to general product and company strategy.
Lori Snow
VP of Strategic Partnerships

Recently joined Spiro100 in early 2020 with over 15 years’ experience marketing to senior living providers. She contributes with design, branding and promotional content conveying the company’s mission. Having cared for her own parents to end of life, Lori is passionate about promoting a product which will improve the health and wellbeing of elders and care givers alike. She lives in Wisconsin and loves being a mother and grandmother who enjoys kick boxing, dancing, biking… and most recently running.

Justin Williams
Chief Software Engineer
Justin is a US Army Reserves veteran with a degree in Computer Science from Neumont University and has prior work experience in the finance and supply chain management industries. Since joining Spiro100, he has specialized in cloud infrastructure and development, API-driven third party integrations, and vendor management. Justin manages the day-to-day design and execution of the entire product stack.
Dara Gorgas
Program Advisor

Formerly one of RehabCare/Kindred top wellness experts, Dara was a regional mentor for wellness coordinators, led biweekly wellness conference calls for wellness best practices. She also facilitated and delivered fitness assessments, wellness lectures, and developed exercise programs to increase resident fitness. Dara is passionate about guiding others to live the most independent and physically, emotionally, and Spiritually fulfilling lives.

More InSpiration

In 2016 we partnered with another IDEA award winner, Peggy Buchanan, a nationally recognized leader in senior fitness and wellness to create the programming and launch the Spiro100 website. Her talent, accolades and expertise as a top presenter, consultant and trainer didn’t make her job any easier as the Program Director of a senior living community in Santa Barbara. She described the seemingly impossible job of an activity director or wellness coordinator and the overwhelming challenges she and others around the country were up against. Coming up with workouts, finding trainers, setting up field trips, planning holiday events and birthday parties and a laundry list of other duties she was tasked with delivering seven days a week year round. We asked her to close her eyes and describe a tool that could help her offer great programming to her residents. Her vision laid the foundation for the launch of Spiro100. A tool for care professionals and communities who wanted to offer residents top quality wellness programs delivered to their fingertips via streaming video.

Advisory Board

Scott A. Kaiser, M.D.

A board-certified family physician and geriatrician with executive leadership experience focused on the improvement of aging services, geriatric care, and population health, serves as the Chief Innovation Officer of the Motion Picture & Television Fund and the Director of Geriatric Cognitive Health for the Pacific Brain Health Center—where he maintains a clinical practice., providing specialty geriatric medical consultations focused on cognitive health.

Tom Bang

A healthcare technology/services CEO & Board Director, with a focus on early/mid-stage ventures. He has led several ventures to liquidity, numerous financial transactions & accelerated over $1B in value creation. Earlier in his career he directed rapid US & International enterprise development for significant value creation in Fortune 100.

Dave Osman

20 years of digital advertising experience. David joined Commission Junction in 2003 and was the SVP of Operations and part of the leadership that grew the company to be valued at $1B of the $2.3B sale price Alliance Data Systems (ADS) paid for Conversant Media in February of 2015. Dave then co-founded a leading native programmatic digital advertising firm, Storygize.