Prevent falls starting today

Prevent falls starting today

Spiro100 is reimagining senior fitness and wellness programming for you

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Reduce falls by as much as 25% in the first 90 days — don’t wait, start today!

prevention is key
Our easy-to-use structured program is shown to effectively and inexpensively reduce falls in over 100 care communities!
effective in memory care
Every resident –including those with dementias, can participate in the Fall Prevention Academy
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Reducing falls can be as simple as following our classes in the prescribed order.
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What is the Fall Prevention Academy?

The Fall Prevention Academy is a prescriptive series of exercise classes for older adults at multiple levels of ability. Designed by our certified FallProof™ Master Instructor, Sue Grant, and the Chair of our Programming Advisory Board, Dr. Scott Kaiser, the program has already launched in 100+ senior communities with impressive outcomes. Just follow along!
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How does it work?

Participants take part in a risk assessment before starting the program (covered in your onboard training). Then from our intuitive interface, you simply choose the ability level and the program filters the perfect selection for you!

Why do I need it?

Because falling is a dangerous, expensive and a potentially deadly risk among older adults.

So we’ve created the program, to align with our mission, but we can’t do it without you! We need you to gather, motivate, encourage and persuade the elders in your care to participate! The benefits are clear: healthier, happier, more independent residents, happier families and care providers. Plus, a reduced cost of care!

For pennies a class, you can provide the variety, the consistency, the EXPERT quality and results driven outcomes that you desire!

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