Workshops: Drive participation with targeted programs

Workshops: Drive participation with targeted programs

Spiro100 is reimagining senior fitness and wellness programming for you

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The more residents understand why physical activity is good for them, the more physical activity residents do.

learn – 10 minutes
Our expert teaches you the impact exercise has on various ailments
move – 30 minutes
Our best-in-class instructors teach you how to do the exercises for those ailments
knowledge = power
When we ‘know’ better we ‘do’ better

What are Workshops?

Workshops are multi week courses designed to drive participation by addressing highly targeted health related topics. Each workshop includes a short lesson followed by an outcome-based exercise class about the workshop topic.

Workshop topics target the most pressing issues our older adults face today. Here are a few examples: LIVING WITH ARTHRITIS, LIFE AFTER HIP REPLACEMENT, STROKE RECOVERY, OSTEOPOROSIS, PARKINSON’S and many other challenges and diseases. Who wouldn’t benefit from a workshop that helps deal with STRESS or SLEEPLESSNESS?

Our experts will teach you, and your residents how movement can help improve their lives with specific, outcome based exercises addressing these challenges.

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How does it work?

“The better your resident’s knowledge on how much physical activity is good for them, and what health benefits such activity conveys, the more physical activity they’re likely to get.”

– ScienceDaily, 28 November 2018

We offer Participants the ability to take an assessment prior to each workshop series. Then they participate throughout the month, which typically includes one class each week. With reassessments after completing the workshop series- residents can track their progress!

Why do I need it?

Falls continue to be of concern, cost of labor continues to climb, and quality of life is intrinsically tied to independence. People need to move. Very simply, we are here to help you get residents moving and participating in wellness programs.

You will get higher levels of participation throughout the year with knowledge based, intelligent thoughtful programming. Those residents who don’t want to come to regularly scheduled exercise classes, may be intrigued by workshops which speak directly to the issues they or a loved one is dealing with.

Who is teaching?

Aubry has developed exercise and wellness programming for older adults that have been adapted for use in senior living communities across the United States. She has worked in multiple facets of the health and fitness industry and senior living industry as an Engage Life Director, Healthy Aging Specialist, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor & Health Educator.
Aubry Merkel
Aubry Merkel

BS in Public Health and MS in Exercise and Wellness with a concentration in Healthy Aging