BOOM with Cathy Richards

senior man and woman holding dumbbells out

If you have been with us all year long, then you might remember in January we focused on taking ownership over your health and the power of your daily choices on your health and overall well-being. We have invited someone very special to join us for the next two months to help you take your health into your own hands! Understanding the importance of your day-to-day habits or your lifestyle choices is crucial for lifelong health and wellness. Nobody understands this better than Cathy Richards. Cathy wrote BOOM: 6 Steps to Longer, Healthier Life to help people achieve vitality and a quality of life that they never thought was possible through small lifestyle changes. Cathy reminds us that we are never too old or too young to start feeling better. Small changes to your current lifestyle add up and will help you to move better physically, have more energy, sharpen your brain, and just simply feel better.

We often overcomplicate the process of improving our health. With health advice and tips coming at you from all directions it’s hard to know where to start and which approach is best. It’s common to become overwhelmed with information and just step away from it all. A little guidance down the right path will do wonders in helping you towards your health goals, no matter what stage of life you are in. In fact, research has shown that declines later in life are largely attributed to a cumulative effective of your lifestyle. This means that you have a great deal of power and control over your own health. This is one of the most important and impactful realizations that you can make. Take control over your personal health by taking action and improving your lifestyle today. BOOM helps people do just this! BOOM explores lifestyle factors that have the greatest impact on your health, and you are given the knowledge and tools you need to start living a healthier lifestyle and feeling better than ever.

Exercise, The Magic Pill

What’s the most effective strategy that impacts your body, brain, and energy? EXERCISE! That’s why, in addition to all the other strategies, BOOM has a core focus on movement and exercise. Some exercise will always trump no exercise! This concept is at the heart of Cathy’s philosophy. She shared this when talking to us about exercise and why she will never stop encouraging people to be more active, “When I was writing my book, I wanted to make a list of all the benefits of exercise and going off the top of my head from working in the industry, without reaching for any reference sources at all, I got to 168 without stopping! It truly is the closest thing to a magic pill that we have ever seen!” Exercise’s benefits are many, ranging from the more obvious like improved function of your heart and lungs and lower blood pressure to the less obvious benefits like improving sleep, relieving stress and depression and sharpening your mental skills. Regardless of your health condition, goals or where you are on your health journey, everyone needs to be consistently active.

It All Starts with What’s in Your Head

Moving your body and remaining physically active is so important. Along with this we must consider our mental state and well-being. Cathy believes that a strong body, sharp brain, and endless energy starts in your head, and we couldn’t agree more. That state of your internal voice is so important and not only affects how we think and our emotions, but it can also impact our physical health and result in pesky inflammation that you may not recognize as a symptom of your mental health suffering. Focusing on the negative, ruminating, and constant fear of the uncontrollable are thoughts that you want to leave your mind as soon as they show up. Giving continued attention to these negative thought processes only leaves you feeling unmotivated and often times, helpless. BOOM is about empowering you and helping you to focus your attention and energy on the thoughts that support us and help us grow. These mind skills are so powerful, with consistent practice they will become your hidden superpower!

Join Us!

Want to learn more about BOOM and how you can optimize your health and fitness?! We have you covered! Join us all August and September as Cathy teaches us how to make small changes to our lifestyle that have a big impact! Learn more here and sign up for our next workshop with Cathy!

Disclaimer: Anytime you are seeking to improve your health, we recommend starting with your health care provider.