New Year, New You: The Power of Your Choices

couple walking together in the woods

A new year is upon us! Many of us are rejoicing at the opportunity for a clean slate and a fresh start. With this comes the motivation to do better, to be better. For many this can manifest in the form of a new year’s resolution to overhaul our habits and become the best version of ourselves. Take a moment to reflect on previous resolutions … have those resolutions withstood the test of time? For many, the answer is no. Your Spiro100 team is here to help you understand how to take control of your by becoming more conscious about choices you make each day. Your daily habits that make the greatest impact on your physical and mental health.  

Your Choices & Your Health

It may not be surprising to hear that six in ten American adults live with one or more chronic health conditions, but did you know that these diseases are the main contributor of death and disability in the US, and they are largely preventable. In fact, these four main lifestyle behaviors are known to increase the risk of developing a chronic health condition:

  • tobacco use
  • poor nutrition
  • lack of physical activity
  • and excessive alcohol use.

Lifestyle behaviors are your everyday activities from what you eat, to how active you are, to what you read and watch for entertainment. These behaviors began at one point in your life and became habits. Habits are so important because they form the foundation for your day and your health. They influence everything from how you feel physically and mentally to how you show up and they either serve you or they do not.

The Impact of Your Daily Choices

Your habits and routines start with your daily choices.This is good news because it means you have a lot of influence and power over your own health. However, with this power comes responsibility and accountability. That means you decide if you engage in behaviors that serve you and promote good.

We want to encourage you to take ownership of your health and be empowered by the fact that your daily choices can make a huge impact. As you embark on a journey to better health, always remember, The Choice is Mine. Try this phrase as your mantra for 2022 to always remind you the power you hold and to motivate you to make conscious.

Many of your current habits were adopted years and years ago. At one point in time, they served you well or were coping mechanisms that helped you through a time of increased stress. These behaviors became habits and they stuck around, following you through life. By intentionally bringing awareness to your current habits, you become more aware of your daily choices. Next, you can begin to make more conscious and intentional choices that serve you better.  

“Growth begins with intention. Then, through attention we manifest and change.”

Malik Chopra

Creating Meaningful Changes in Your Life

You can start living more consciously today! Take a moment, right now, to turn your attention inward and begin to bring awareness to your own habits. Start examining your day from the moment you wake up.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning, the very first thing after your alarm goes off? What’s the first thing you put in your body each morning?

What types of content are you viewing and reading?

Continue examining your day, moment by moment, paying attention to what you do and how you do it. Do you eat while working or driving? Then start asking yourself how each of these behaviors makes you feel. Which habits make you feel amazing and serve you well? Which habits do you need to break up with? As you go through this process and bring attention to your daily habits you can begin to identify areas that need work.

Spiro Action Tip! Often times, you can make an immediate difference to how you feel mentally and physically by tweaking your morning routine. The mornings are so important because they set the foundation for the remainder of the day. If you noticed habits that could be holding you back, right out of bed, we’d suggest addressing those first.

You have hundreds of opportunities, each day, to choose a healthier tomorrow. First, you must become aware of your habits that no longer serve you. Then the work begins! By making small tweaks to current habits, you are creating new habits that serve you instead of harm you. You are laying the foundation for a healthy body and mind. It’s that simple, yet that hard. To help you on your journey to optimal health always remember your mantra, The Choice is Mine!

If you need some guidance on creating a healthier lifestyle, we got you covered! Join us for one of our live workshops where we take a deeper look at lifestyle behaviors and how they impact our health and well-being.