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The perfect senior fitness tool for Home Care!

Having the Spiro100 fitness app at your home care staff’s fingertips provides countless benefits to clients, care givers and homecare providers alike. Exercise helps older adults maintain or improve their current abilities, directly impacting your cost of care. Regular fitness is proven to provide a host of quality-of-life benefits including better sleep, lower anxiety, elevated mood to name a few. Now you can safely incorporate fun, outcome-based exercises into the routine of your senior home care clients efficiently and cost effectively with the Spiro100 App.
equip and empower home care staff
Provide care staff the tools and confidence to deliver safe and appropriate exercise and meditation classes to engage each and every older adult client.
an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
Every 11 seconds an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall; every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall. Routine fitness reduces falls!
marketing differentiator
Seniors and their families are looking for wellness programing. According to ICAA 45% of prospects shopping for elder care, say wellness programming is a main reason for their choice.
In addition to enagaing clients, providing home care staff with the Spiro100 App can be an integral part of your corporate wellness program.
lower your cost of providing in-home care
Inactivity is the leading cause of diseases and lowers the immune system. The CDC recommends 150 min a week of moderate exercise for older adults.
Spiro100 App on Mobile Devices

How does it work?

For one low monthly price your home care agency can provide a Spiro100 app to each and every caregiver, older adult and family member they wish. This is done simply via an email link.

After a brief training, the care team will learn why regular fitness is critical to wellbeing how to safely incorporate exercise, and meditation programming into their client’s daily routine.

There is instruction on how to navigate the Spiro100 app and access classes in an offline scenario.

Benefits to Home Care Providers

Your home care staff needs tools for purposeful engagement programing. Providing wellness classes should be part of any care routine offered to today’s older adult.

But your home care staff are not experts in senior fitness and wellness!

This is your tool to round out current offerings and provide the variety, the consistency, the EXPERT quality and results-driven fitness classes that clients desire, AFFORDABLY!

From fall prevention, to memory care, to managing different types of chronic health care conditions such as arthritis and diabetes, we are here to help.

refresh your current home care programming
Instantly provide wellness programming to entire home care team and each client.
fall prevention
Expertly designed balance and core strengthening classes.
easy to use, low-cost
No equipment to purchase.
app and website availability
Provide access on any device: tablet, smart phone, computer.
educational training
We educate to drive participation. A certification program is available.
appropriate for clients with dementia

Engage each and every client, 30% of classes appropriate for memory impaired.


Fresh classes added monthly delivering today’s most sought-after information.