Press Release | Culver City, Calif. – New Wellness Program for Senior Living Communities

Online fitness network, SpiroFit, launched Spiro100, a comprehensive functional fitness program for retirement communities and senior living facilities. Our program features over 50 full-length fitness classes and meditations designed to strengthen the most critical areas for the aging demographic: balance, agility, strength, endurance, and serenity (i.e. B.A.S.E.S.). Within the B.A.S.E.S., classes are further catalogued by activity level, ranging from fully seated to advanced. Spiro100 was designed by Peggy Buchanan, a worldwide leader in health and fitness program development for seniors and retirement communities. Spiro100’s nationally recognized active aging experts include Lawrence Biscontini (Mindful Movement Specialist), Sue Grant (Balance and Mobility Trainer), Tamilee Webb (Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee) and Stanford professor Walter Bortz (recognized as one of America’s most distinguished scientific experts on aging and longevity).

“We’re very excited to launch Spiro100 at a time when many senior facilities are overwhelmed by staffing and budget challenges. This program offers a cost effective solution” said Howard Rochestie, founder of Spiro100. “Our streaming technology grants retirement communities affordable access to many of the best trainers in the world and allows us to deliver fresh content on a monthly basis.” Although many senior living facilities offer fitness and activities programs to their residents, now there is access to expertly delivered programming that covers all the BASES at every functional level of fitness ability. Spiro100 successfully tested this program in over a dozen senior facilities nationwide before the launch.